Full time work

University of Central Florida
Level2 Productions
Video Coordinator, Lead Producer
- Project managed campus-wide migration to Flash Video
- Lead Online Course Video growth 900% since 2000
- Oversaw buildout and integration of $500,000 production facility
Aug. 2004- Nov. 2012

University of Central Florida
Course Development & Web Services
Producer, Editor
- Produced videos for Online Course delivery and promotional DVDs
Oct. 2000-Aug. 2004

Freelance Work

Chat Chow TV
Miami, Florida
Producer, Editor
2011- Present

The Salzmann Firm
Orlando, Florida
November 2010

Maximim Wealth Architects
Orlando, Florida
Concept Development
April 2009

EA Sports
Orlando, Florida

Media Rescue
Orlando, Florida

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Professional Development

University of Central Florida
Orlando, Florida
Bachelor of Arts Degree in Radio & Television Communications

National Association of Broadcasters
2008, 2011 NAB ShowConference
Producer/Director Summit

2006 NAB ShowConference
Production/Postproduction Summit



2012 ADDY Awards

Producer, Editor

Gold, Podcast, "Chat Chow TV"

Gold, Websites, "Chat Chow TV"

2012 Communicator Award

Producer, Editor

Excellence, Web Talk Show, "Chat Chow TV"

2011 W3 Award

Producer, Editor

Podcast, "Chat Chow TV"

Motion Graphics, "Chat Chow TV"

2011 Communicator Awards (4)
Film/Video Education, "Sociology of Popular Music"
Film/Video Education, "Personal Learning Environment"
Film/Video Education, "Powerful Learning"
Film/Video Education, "Diverse Client Populations"

2011 Telly Awards (3)

Producer Edito

Podcasts Web, "Chat Chow TV"
Non-Broadcast Education, "Diverse Populations"
Non-Broadcast Education, "Sociology of Pop Music"

2010 Telly Awards (3)
Lead Producer
Education, "Medical Sociology"
Online Content, "Medical Sociology"
Non-Broadcast, "Medical Sociology"

2006 Telly Award
Producer, Director
Non-Broadcast, "IT Security @ UCF"


Emely Jimenez News


A new year living in a new city. 2013 in Miami will continue to bring great opportunities for me and those who are receptive. Chat Chow TV has many interviews and events in cue and I look forward to the new people I will meet and collaborate with. Laureate Education will also play a fantastic role in having me as their Creative Services Manager in their Brickell office within the month.


Wrapping up a year of epiphanies. I realize more now how my words and actions are everything and above it all, it is my loved ones that matter to me. This will spill into every aspect of my life. Our interactions and relationship with people are what make us human and so powerful.


Change is in the air. I am super grateful for my experiences working at UCF and the fantastic people I have had the pleasure of working with over the years. I wish luck and love for the OG team at Level2 Productions and Digital Media.


Looking forward to the World Business Forum in New York next week. Being in Radio City Music Hall listening and connecting with inspiring business people can only spark inspiration for me. Add some live production in there and I will certainly have three days to remember and draw upon. Banson, Collins, Gates, and Zakaria to name just a few of the presenters on the agenda.


Just wrapped a event recap for United Way Miami Wine and Food Festival. The portions of the event I attended were great but not not quite catered to video acquisition. So we do as welways do - the best we can. I look forward to the opportunity to do other similar event and grab some great footage that makes everyone's mouth water. Did I mention I love desserts? Yes, it is a true story.


The new website is finally complete with the Level2 Productions crew at UCF. It has been a long time coming and a great improvement as a resource for faculty wanting to have professionally produced videos. http://video.ucf.edu/ We were also able to inject our personalities into one of the stop-motion style videos which covers the production process for faculty.


The word is out on receiving two Gold Addy Awards in Miami for Chat Chow TV in the categories of Webisode and Podcast. Cheers to the weekend warriors! The virtual pat on the back sure feels nice some times. It has been a blast.


Looking forward to a big weekend with Chat Chow TV followed by the NATPE conference next week. These types of days are the ones that push me to become better and stronger at my craft. One of my mantras for the year is "take matters into your own hands" and I'm ready for a great year!


Attended the TEDxOrlando conference this past weekend and was very inspired by the speakers. It was not only to feel that creative spark but to see creativity put to good use and make a major differnce in the world. Presenters gave us a taste of intensaty, partake in a rainbow parade, and experience a day filled with like-minded passionate people. Great connections we made.


W3 Awards are out and Chat Chow TV scooped up two. One silver in the podcast category and another in the Motion Graphics category. I have played the role of Predator (producer and editor). Picking up speed now.


Wrapping up post production and project on Academic Integrity for UCF. In total there will be 3 videos for students and 1 for faculty members. The approach for the two avenues was vastly different and the hope is that the UCF community can have heightened awareness on ways to maintain academic Integrity. Its has need fun working with students actors at UCF. Some great talent there indeed.


Excited about the recently announced Communicator and Telly Awards. In a producer role with Level2 UCF, 6 videos won national awards! Yea Buddy. Check out excerpts in the video section.


Adding some examples of previous work to the site this week. Hand model, voice talent, camera, editor, producer, extra, and other hats in production. In this industry, sometimes we just have to do what it takes to make the project a success.


Working on a series of videos geared toward students on maintaining Academic Integrity while at UCF. Post production continues while scripting for the next one begins. The Level2 Productions crew keeps projects tight and always interesting.


NAB was inundating as usual. 3D was huge over 90,000 atendees. The NAB mobile app helped keep many organized. The RED camera booth was the coolest with a live tatoo parlor on-site. The GoPro booth was slammed with people and the most inspiring talk was with Kevin Smith.


Looking forward to the NAB Show next week. I will be roaming the convention floor until my senses are numb. Then rest and go back for more. I will definitely catch AutoDesk's demo reel which is always inspiring.


Working on concept development for Chatchow.tv and looking forward to the bubbling of fresh ideas. I truly enjoy the first spark of ideas and molding them into something real and tangible.


Website is finally complete! I surely did not anticipate this being such an undertaking.

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